New Escapologist newsletter #1

Hello readers,

Welcome to our first newsletter. Most people who completed our recent survey indicated that they’d enjoy receiving a newsletter, so here it is. A few of you also voted against a newsletter, so feel free to reply to this email with ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject heading if you don’t want it.

The aim of the newsletter is to keep you up to date with developments at New Escapologist. These newsletters will also be archived at the website.

1. ‘Collected Works’ book in production

We’ve almost completed work on a hardback compilation of New Escapologist Issues 1-4. The four issues will be presented in their entirety as well as a new introduction and some extra features. This is our bid to get a New Escapologist product into the shops. We’re currently in discussions with a few different distributors.

2. Different currencies and overseas shipping

Our online shop will now accept payment in Euros, US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. We’ve also reduced overseas shipping fees by committing to Airmail over other postal options.

3. Feedback

We’re always open to feedback and to suggestions for improvement. You’re welcome to reply to this email with feedback or to complete our open survey.

4. Articles elsewhere

I’m publishing an interview with philosopher, Joseph Heath in an arts magazine called ‘Side Street Review’ in December. In it, Joseph and I talk about consumerism, economics and rebel trends. There will also be a more directly Escapological piece in the 2011 edition of the ‘Idler’, which will focus on the business side of escape. I think it will be called ‘Business Plan / Escape Plan’. Finally, the hawk-eyed among you will already have noticed my guest post at Jacob Lund-Fisker’s website, ‘Early Retirement Extreme’, which contains detailed directions on how to leave office life behind.

5. New Escapologist at Czech typography conference

It was gratifying to present our approach to typography at the 4th International ConTeXt meeting in Brejlov, Czech Republic. We couldn’t attend the event in person, but our chief typographer was able to submit a conference poster depicting pages from our printed editions alongside a macro code used in the production of the magazine. Also on display were copies of our first three issues and take-away copies of sample material in pamphlet-form.

6. Expozine 2011

Montrealers are asking whether New Escapologist will be represented at Expozine in November. No details of this massive indie-press gathering have yet been released but, all being well, we will be there to peddle our wares.

7. Issue Five

Issue Five of New Escapologist is in the works. The theme is ‘Bohemia’. It should be available in December. We’re aiming to have a good body of historical and philosophical essays, and to salt-and-pepper it with shorter ‘How To’ pieces on the various qualities of the Bohemian.

Until next time,

Robert Wringham


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

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