Hell, 24-7-365

work-life-balanceThe price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. (Thoreau) 

Here’s a little reading that will either get your blood boiling, or cause you to smile smugly, depending on which side of the work-life fulcrum you currently sit.

Doug Saunders of The Globe and Mail says that the demarcation line between work and life is disappearing, and along with it, your smile.

Meanwhile, the BBC just puts a fork in the whole notion of work-life-balance and calls it “done”. It’s all just life, the article claims. This isn’t portrayed as a bad thing, necessarily. I find that depressing.

We could debate ad infinitum the slippery slope of technology and the expectation that we be constantly tethered. Personally, I harbour this silly idea that it’s still up to us, and that the good employers understand and support peoples’ need to maintain a private life.

Then again, I also fantasize that I’ll find myself in a situation where I can pull a Peter Gibbons (Office Space):

Bob: You know, Drew, you’ve been missing a lot of important calls and emails after hours.

Drew: Actually, I wouldn’t say I’ve been *missing* them, Bob.

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Lentus Ambulandus is New Escapologist's Chief Leisure Officer. He advocates doing the things worth doing (hiking, cycling, sipping coffee, reading books), and proudly accomplishes less in a month than most people do in a week. His creed is simple: Death Before Employment.

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