Most of our content is commissioned from specific writers and artists. If, however, you’d like to write for the magazine we’re certainly listening. Here are our guidelines:

1. Please send an idea before sending a finished article.
2. There’s no need for salesmanship in your pitch. Just say what you’re thinking.
3. No fiction. No poems. Familiarise yourself with what we publish.
4. We like high concepts but an approachable tone. No academic writing.
5. We like a tone suitable for an international readership, so try to be inclusive with cultural references.
6. The magazine is a labour of love, so we don’t usually pay.
7. In lieu of a fee, we can mention your work and publish a website address. You’ll also get a free copy of the issue you’re in if you want one.
8. You keep the copyright and you’re welcome to re-publish elsewhere. A link back to us is always appreciated though.
9. By all means pitch us on artwork, either for your own written piece or entirely separate to one.
10. Get in touch.

You might also be interested in sending a letter to the editor, either for the blog or for the print mag.