An Escapologist’s Diary. Part 3.

Ready to scarper on Wednesday evening, I’ve managed to reduce my entire personal junkstash to a ten-square-foot locker at a Glasgow SafeStore and a single suitcase of functional stuff, which is coming with me for the escape. H

Here are ten immediate thoughts about mobility and “stuff”:

Mobility versus “stuff”

1. I think I value mobility above all else. Mobility is freedom. Anything that compromises your mobility–a house, a grounded job, a possession, an expectation–is another nail in the coffin of your freedom.

2. Most of my “stuff” is in the form of books. It’s telling that my final vice is probably one that most people would overcome before, say, cooking utensils or clothes. I don’t own much of anything. Just a modest number of books. With libraries and broadband almost wherever you go, there’s no reasonable argument for a huge personal book collection so I’m forced to admit to object fetishism. I look forward to the day I’m unsentimental enough to cut loose my ten square-feet, settling to own but two suits, a laptop and a library card.

3. Mobility and “stuff” don’t mix. When people flee the cities in disaster movies, they always fill their cars with as much junk as possible. I love that the image of a killer alien tripod in pursuit of a Vauxhall Astra with a houseplant and a grandfather clock strapped to the roof.
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A stockist in Meatworld

Rejoice! Issue 2 of New Escapologist is now in stock at Aye-Aye Books in Glasgow.

Stockists in other cities will follow, but you will always be able to appease the ghost in the machine by buying online.

New Escapologist launch party

A wonderful gathering of escapologists, skivers, artists, poets, thinkin’ types and office monkeys descended upon the Glasgow CCA this week for the SugarApe New Escapologist launch party. Thanks to everyone who came along.

Especial thanks go out to our DJs: Olivia Fitton, Bobby B and Neil Scott. Also to photographic legend Stuart Crawford, who sportingly attended in a floor-length skirt.

As if to give you a feel of the event or something, we’ve uploaded:

  • some of Stuart’s coverage and
  • a recording of one of Neil’s inspired mashups: “Evolve into robots: Kraftwerk Vs. Bill Hicks“.
  • Some celebrity appearances included Kate Wozza (Suck My Left One Radio), David Malone (GOMA), Laura Gonzalez (Glasgow School of Art), Pat Kane (Hue and Cry, The Play Ethic) and our very own typographic guru, Timothy Eyre.

    Will there be more parties? I don’t see why not. I have an idea about a New Escapologist seminar and spoken word night in a library somewhere instead. Maybe to be followed by a party.

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