Working With the Public

At the grocery store I worked at I had to explain to a woman why we couldn’t take back the apple core she had clearly eaten as a return.


I’ve had to explain to people why we can’t extend their hotel stay because the hotel is fully booked out. They threw a fit because we “Sold the room out from under them,” as if the concept of booking a room for X days meant we hold the room for additional days just in case they wanted to extend.


I work IT support. I had to explain to a 23 year old what a capital letter was when helping them set up their password. Twice. I’ve also had to explain the concept of using a word to help distinguish letters, i.e. “A as in Apple”.


I had to explain to a guy how the older fish would go out of date sooner than the brand new ones.

At first, I wasn’t sure about posting this because I don’t believe the public are stupid. But some of them (us) are!

If you’ve ever worked with the public in a service capacity, this Tumblr thread (you have to open the comments under the video post) will be… cathartic to you.


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