Letter to the Editor: Tears Dripping Into My Sandwich

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Hello Robert,

I always open your newsletters with a mix of hope and shame. I remember my second day of full-time employment, sitting alone in a subway, tears dripping into my sandwich, an escape plan forming in my mind.

Fifteen years later I remain imprisoned by my cowardice and lack of imagination. We are all born straight-backed and defiant, but the world has twisted my body and broken my will. You shared a post of mine in the newsletter once, when I was still on Twitter, but I am a fraud! Unworthy!


Reader E


Oh no! I don’t want anyone to feel like that when they’re reading our newsletter.

Escape from full-time employment is a tough nut to crack. That’s why New Escapologist exists really. Escape plans are hard to formulate, so we have this periodical to share them and to lament their failure when failures happen.

There’s zero shame in not escaping. Most people don’t escape. We show in our pages that escape is possible, but it’s by no means certain nor even merely probable. Examples of successful escape aren’t there to taunt you but to give hope that maybe, just maybe, you can follow suit.

To escape, you might have to look poverty in the whites of its eyes and certainly to face down the idea of failure. You need to build failure into the plan. What would happen if you failed? What would be the worst case scenario? Could you face it?

Besides, many people who read our pages are perfectly happy in their jobs, have found ways to be content inside the box, or are working very slowly towards an escape.

Fifteen years isn’t such a long time really. Your job, for all that might suck about it, will have provided material comfort in that time. You’ll have something to show for it. And, if you really want to escape, you eventually will. Even if it’s just at the natural point of retirement into a state pension. In that way, escape is inevitable really. You just have to stay alive and be patient.

To join the defiant ranks of successful, budding and failed Escapologists, back the New Escapologist Kickstarter today.


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at wringham.co.uk

2 Responses to “Letter to the Editor: Tears Dripping Into My Sandwich”

  1. LeslieW says:

    I’m going to back the kickstarter next because I feel this whole project entered my life at the right time!!! I’m super optimistic about my escape plans, aka retirement, and want to support a project I believe in. We all escape at one point or another… there is no escaping the escape! Thx from Texas

  2. Hooray, Lesley! Welcome.

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