New Escapologist newsletter #2

Hello Readers,

Welcome to our second New Escapologist email newsletter. Among other things, we’d like to tell you about our Christmas and New Year special offer, and to solicit your own escape stories.

1. Yuletide and New Year offer

Get Issues One and Three together for just £7 (€8.40 / $11.16). This is a great opportunity for New Escapologist blog readers who’ve missed out on the printed editions so far. This is almost certainly the cheapest New Escapologist will ever be, so cash in quickly if you’re interested. Offer runs until the end of December at.

2. Survey results

Thanks to everyone who took part in our recent survey. 73 people have completed the survey to date: far more than we had anticipated. Feedback was largely positive, but we’ve got a feel for the areas in which you’d like to see changes and the direction in which we should now move. A summary of the results can be found at the blog.

3. Issue Five

Our fifth print edition is coming along nicely. Coming in January 2011, the Bohemia-issue will celebrate the artists and eccentrics of history who have chosen to live as Bohemians, plus lots of practical articles on how to live the Bohemian life. Featuring Jacob Lund Fisker (of Early Retirement Extreme), beards, entropy, rambling, flâneurism, bedsits, Quentin Crisp, garrets, Buddhism, Bohemian neighbourhoods, digital work ethics, Alexander Trocchi, Erik Satie, Emperor Norton, Bohemian dating, brewing your own beer, and more.

Pre-order Issue Five at the shop.

4. Expozine 2010

We had a great time at Montreal’s Expozine 2010. I’ve never seen so many dealers and consumers of independent media under one roof. I’m told it is the biggest event of its type in North America. Almost everyone to whom we spoke was enthusiastic about indie media. A journalist called Jeremiah had a very positive outlook, explaining that many of the big, exciting cultural movements — the Surrealists, the Beat poets, John Lennon, the Merry Pranksters, movements in jazz — began as single events such as this one. These happenings become legend. A nice outlook, I thought.

You can read about our Expozine experience in our blog report.

5. New Stockists

Thanks to Expozine, we have three new stockists in Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore (211 Rue Bernard); the Concordia Cooperative Bookstore (2150 Bishop)); and Galerie Monastiraki (5478 St-Laurent).

The GmbH bookstore in Glasgow also recently took some of our stock. Stockists in other towns coming soon.

6. Wanted: escapee case studies

Have you escaped? Do you have particular ideas on how you might escape a tedious desk job? We’d love you to write about it at our blog. Simply reply to this email if you’d like to get involved. The best stories will get a free copy of New Escapologist.

7. Escapology Microblog

Rather embarrassingly, we’ve opened a Twitter account.

If you hate Twitter, you can also enjoy our lengthier blog entries by subscribing to our RSS feed.

8. An Escapologist’s Manifesto

A useful blog entry from a couple of weeks ago reproduced the mini-manifesto we published in Issue One. The feedback in the comments thread was great. If you’d like to offer an opinion on our manifesto and contribute to the interesting conversation, you can still join in.

Thanks again for reading.

Until next time,

Robert Wringham
Editor, New Escapologist


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

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