New Escapologist Newsletter #5

Welcome to the fifth New Escapologist occasional newsletter. This time, we’ve beautified it. Blimey.

1. Order Issue 5 from and receive a 20% discount

As an experiment, we’ve made New Escapologist Issue Five exclusively available from our printers, We’re not not married to the new system and desperately solicit your feedback on it, but there seem to be several advantages to distributing our publication in this way. If you order a copy before August 14th, you will receive a lovely twenty percent discount.

Issues 1-4 are also still available at the shop.

2. Issue Six

The sixth issue of New Escapologist is on its way. It is titled ‘Against the Grain’ and will feature Reggie Chamberlain-King’s essay about the unconventional career of naturalist Leonard Dubkin (nicely illustrated by Landis Blair); several escape stories; an interview with Leo Babauta; Aislínn Clarke on unorthodox funereal practices; poetry to commemorate office life by Graham Fulton; lavatorial fun with Jon Ransom; and plenty more. It’ll be released officially later in August at the Edinburgh Festival. In the meantime, the option to pre-order is now available.

3. Dudeism film

I recently met with writer Oliver Benjamin and film-maker Thomas Fazi, to record a segment about Escapology for their documentary about Dudeism. The film will be in cinemas and on DVD some time next year. It feels like there’s no turning back now.

4. The Escapological Utopia

On October 10th, I’ll take part in The Salon for Untitled Projects at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh. The theme for the evening is ‘The Future’ and will involve my dressing up in Nineteenth-Century garb and talking about the Escapological Utopia. There will be other speakers too, and even the audience will be invited to dress up. This will be amazing.

5. Reader Survey

The eternally-open New Escapologist reader survey is a gigantic cochlea, yearning to vibrate with your opinions. New readers are thanked for completing the questionnaire.

6. Edinburgh stockist

The famous WordPower bookshop on Edinburgh’s West Nicholson Street is now a proud stockist of New Escapologist. If you’re in the vicinity, do pop in and buy a copy of The Bohemias Issue. It’ll help the project immensely.

All for now,

Robert Wringham
Editor, New Escapologist


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

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