Money Is…

One thing you will hear if you adopt an extreme savings program is the popular refrain “It’s only money”, “There are more important things than money”, etc. I agree with the last statement, but it is NOT just money. It is what money represents that matters.

In preparation for our upcoming money-themed issue, I enjoyed this vintage post from the Early Retirement Extreme website.

ERE’s Jacob Lund Fisker will appear in the aforementioned money issue of New Escapologist, writing about how money is a system of government akin to an electric fence designed to keep dogs in.

Here’s a tiny excerpt from his new article to tickle your fancy:

Metaphorically speaking, in the 1950s, a person would take his paycheck and buy an ice cream cone, eat it, and then walk home and be happy. Today, thanks to increased productivity, a person takes his paycheck, buys four ice cream cones, eats one and gets happy, drops the other one on the ground while getting into his car, has another one melt on the way home, and puts the last one in the fridge at home and forgets about it.

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