Issue Eight: your help

Issue Eight is almost ready to go! It looks to be another hundred-page monster.

The theme of the issue is Staying In and we’ve got articles about such homey matters as cottage industry, tea, pajamas, food, integrity, home music production, art collecting, cigars, thought, John Cowper Powys, an interview with artist Ellie Harrison, loads of great artwork, Dickon Edwards, alternative dwellings, BBC Radio’s Steven Rainey, Reggie C. King, and an ominously hanging ‘more…’.

You may have noticed that this release is hot on the heels of Issue Seven, which was released only a month ago. Four to six months is the usual gap between our issues, so this is a startlingly productive event for us.

But this presents a problem. The usual time gap allows the current issue to fund production of the next one. That’s our business model: we’ve never applied for a grant (which would likely compromise our content) or attempted to make money with advertising (which would definitely compromise our content, not to mention our principles) and we’re not in debt (which is rare for an indie magazine project).

Rather than resorting to those strategies or to launching an undignified and labour-intensive Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign, I’d ask you all to do one of the following things as soon as possible:

– preorder a copy of Issue Eight in print (£6) or PDF (£5)
buy the complete back catalogue on PDF, with £1 off the price each issue.
Buy the complete back catalogue of New Escapologist with a 10% discount
buy a copy of Issue Seven if you’ve not already done so
– buy a back issue
– take out a subscription (your existing subscription may need updating after Issue Eight anyway)

None of this is without reward. You’ll be receiving top-notch New Escapologist content for your hard-earned scratch. We’re not asking for donations or offering alternative rewards of dubious quality. I’m just asking you to do your shopping now so that we can get the wheels of production back into action as soon as possible.

Let’s get another New Escapologist into the world before the end of 2012!

And with Christmas and Hanukkah and Yule coming up, you could even buy an escape plan for a pal.

Thank you in advance,

Robert Wringham
Editor, New Escapologist


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

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