All of our artists work differently. Some read the article and draw whatever they feel like. Some ask us for quite specific ideas or instructions. Tristan Tolhurst, a friend from Montreal, usually sends a selection of thumbnails from which we choose a favourite.

When you’re useless at drawing like I am, even these doodles are deeply impressive and it feels a shame not to share them any further than Tristan’s bottom drawer. So here are his latest ones.

For the forthcoming Issue 13, Tristan is illustrating Matt Caulfield’s article about Ryōkan, the party monk. You can click to embiggen.


While we’re at it, here are some old ones from Issue 8 (the Luke Rhinehart interview):

rhinehart 1 smaller


And from Issue 5 (my piece about living in a loft):

Above it all smaller

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2 Responses to “Thumbnails”

  1. Brenden says:

    I just finished rereading issue 5 as I go back through all of them. I am looking forward to the new issue!

  2. Fantastic. Thank you. I very much hope you enjoy the rest.

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