New Escapologist Newsletter #6

Welcome to the sixth New Escapologist occasional email newsletter. This time, we’d like to tell you about the sixth issue of our magazine, and about a few past and future events.

1. Issue Six

The sixth issue of New Escapologist is out now. It is titled ‘Against the Grain’ and features Reggie Chamberlain-King’s essay about the unconventional career of naturalist Leonard Dubkin (nicely illustrated by Landis Blair); several escape stories; an interview with Leo Babauta; Aislínn Clarke on unorthodox funereal practices; poetry to commemorate office life by Graham Fulton; lavatorial fun with Jon Ransom; and plenty more. It enjoyed a splendid launch at the Edinburgh Festival earlier this year.

The new issue is now available to order at the shop.

2. Issue Seven

Issue Seven is due for release in the new year. It will be titled “On The Lam” and will explore the idea that Escapology is sometimes akin to a state of constant flight. Even when you leave the system amicably, it still does all it can to pull you back in. The issue will feature personal escape stories; practical articles on how to evade Agent Smith; and real-life profiles of interesting fugatives, vagabonds, duckers, divers, and prison breakers.

3. Expozine 2011

There will be a New Escapologist stall at Montreal’s Expozine independent media fair this year. The dates are 26th and 27th November.

4. New ordering system

You may have noticed some small changes at our online shop. This is because we’ve changed the way we distribute the magazine. In the old days, we would store all printed editions at New Escapologist HQ in Glasgow and ship every single copy by hand. This was getting a bit much to handle, so we essentially outsourced the process to our printers,

Your ordering via Lulu has the added advantages of secure shipping, better packaging, occasional discount coupons, discounts on batch orders, and cheaper shipping for most international readers. The disadvantage, however, is that New Escapologist loses a money in the processs, so the jury is still out on whether the new system is good for us.

I’d like to hear any feedback you have about the new Lulu ordering system. Drop me a line by replying to this email if you especially love or hate the new system.

5. The Salon

I recently spoke at a now critically-acclaimed and completely sold out performance art event called The Salon, by Unitled Projects, at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh. It was a brilliant experience and I’d like to extend thanks to the organisers for inviting me along. I presented a diatribe called The Escapological Eutopia: Five Dodgy Prophecies to paint a portrait of a future friendly to Escapologists. I’ll post something about this to the blog soon.

6. New Escapologist on the Web

As ever, there are a number of ways to engage with New Escapologist online. In addition to our website and active blog, we have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and an RSS Feed to which you can subscribe. We get especially excited about your subscription to the latter. We are the Borg.

Thank you for the continued support. Enjoy the latest issue!

Robert Wringham
Editor, New Escapologist


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

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  1. Sean says:

    I bought #6 on lulu today.
    While I would prefer to order it from you direct, and increase your margin, the shipping costs to the US were tough.

  2. Understood. Thanks Sean.

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