Newsletter #7

Welcome to the seventh New Escapologist occasional newsletter.

1. 10% discount on all orders of our complete back catalogue

I’ve been plugging this offer a fair bit lately, especially to the readers of our blog. Sorry about that. But it’s a good deal for you and actually generates a bit of money for us. Besides, a complete collection of New Escapologists on your shelf will astound your friends and crush your enemies (should the shelf give way and collapse upon them). Take advantage of this great offer at our here.

2. Bookfair appearances

We’ll be at the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair on 19th-20th May 2012. Rather alarmingly, this will be our third visit. Do come along to say hello (and stock up on New Escapologist goodies) if you’re in the locale.

Much later in the year, we also hope to be at the London Anarchist Bookfair in October 2012.

3. Robert Wringham elsewhere

You Are Nothing. It would make a great title for a self-help book, eh? Alas, it’s nothing to do with Escapology, it’s a book about comedy written by New Escapologist‘s editor Robert Wringham. It’s an exciting non-fiction volume about Cluub Zarathustra: a viciously inventive but sadly forgotten cabaret show featuring Stewart Lee, Simon Munnery, Roger Mann, Kevin Eldon, Richard Herring, and many others. The book is based upon new interviews with the main cast, various supporting artists, critics, and members of the audience. The book is published by Go Faster Stripe and is available here.

4. Wanted: your opinions on digital editions

A lot of people have asked about digital editions of New Escapologist. It’s something I’ve always been reluctant to do: craftsmanship and getting away from computer screens are things we’re keen to promote. But are these goals too lofty? Too silly? Too reactionary? It seems there is a real desire for New Escapologist in PDF format and for download to the various Kindle and iPad-type devices, and we’re not completely immune to peer pressure or market forces. How do people feel about digital editions? Please get in touch by replying to this email if you feel strongly in favour or strongly against.

5. What the readers said

“Thank you for the work you’re doing. I’m currently very far from the lifestyles you depict in your magazine, being an armed forces officer working in NATO, but your accounts of escape paths definitely triggered something in me and gave me sense I was not alone feeling this way and that it’s actually possible/feasible to live another life and to say ‘Goodbye to all that’.” – G, Europe.

“NE didn’t change my life but it would have if only I’d have found it sooner. Now it’s like a great companion.” – Anonymous, via the reader survey.

“All my back issues are by the toilet (pride of place you understand) and have been complimented more than once by people making use of the facilities!” – Mark, Leicester.

“One night I read every New Escapologist blog piece instead of sleeping. I can’t recommend it more. It’s life affirming.” – Alan, Glasgow

6. Issue Seven

Issue 7 is now in production. The theme, broader than usual, is “On the Lam” and attempts to bottle the excillerating feeling of an escape in action.

7. New Esapologist on the web

As ever, you can subscribe to our free blog by RSS.

Good recent blog entries include a review and scanned sample of a 1949 book called How To Avoid Work; a Will Self-inspired discussion about the politics of walking; a reflection upon things of true value in a pleasant life.

Goodbye to all that,

Robert Wringham
Editor, New Escapologist


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

One Response to “Newsletter #7”

  1. Mugur says:

    Hello everybody! Sorry for my English, I’m a foreigner just trying to escape. About electronic Escapologist, I really don’t know… It’s lovely to hold the printed magazine, to feel the paper and to enjoy the wonderful font you use. I own an iPad, I loaded it with countless pdf’s but reading them is a somehow technical and heartless job. Paper is warm, is alive, is magic. I live far from UK, but I subscribed to the magazine, because I want to actually HAVE the physical item.
    Of course, majority rules. But I shall hold to the old paper stuff.
    Thank you, Robert for doing such a great job in helping us getting to know ourselves.

    Mugur Ardelean,
    Bucharest, Romania

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