Ben Law


A telly programme called Grand Designs came up in conversation recently and Samara (my Canadian and therefore alien girlfriend) wanted to know about it.

The episode that had made the greatest impression on me was about a woodland house constructed using traditional methods and volunteer labour by a woodsman called Ben Law.

What stood out most in my recollection was that the house was built precisely around the dimensions of hay bales so that the bales could be neatly plopped into place for cheap, efficient, and eco-friendly insulation. It was just so neat and well-planned and straightforward. It prompted the question: why can’t everything be this simple? Why must everything be bloated and ostentatious and bogged down by bureaucracy?

So we snuggled down to watch this very episode on YouTube. It’s ace. It almost makes me want to join Ben Law and my own house-building chums the Wests and the Money Mustaches in doing the same. But only almost. Because I’m too lazy.

Anyway, here’s the vid:

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Robert Wringham is a humorist and the editor-in-chief of New Escapologist.

2 Responses to “Ben Law”

  1. Spoonman says:

    “But only almost. Because I’m too lazy.” Hehe!

    I’ve been sitting in a cubicle for far too long and don’t have the stamina to even think about undertaking a project of that magnitude. In my case, it’s a mix of laziness and inability.

    I’m looking forward to issue 10!

  2. It’s coming soon, I promise! Again, lazy. 😀

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