There was a round in the pub quiz this week about acronyms popular online. Our team knew all but one: WoMBaT.

You probably know it already. It means Waste of Money, Brain and Time.

I quite like it. It’s so dismissive.

Car ownership? WoMBaT!

Television? WoMBaT!

Conventional day job? Definitely WoMBaT!

Wait, a day job is a waste of money? Well, it can be. A day job costs quite a bit in commuting, appropriate attire, lunches, lattes, consumer treats to cheer you up on the weekend, anti-depressants, income tax, and the revenue you might have earned doing something else.


Not to be confused with actual Wombats, of course. Those are lovely.


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2 Responses to “WoMBaT”

  1. Spoonman says:

    I wish I’d known that acronym back in my working days because we had a project that was called Wombat. Needless to say, it would have given me lots of amusement.

  2. So great! You could always write a friend in the office with a link to the urban dictionary page!

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