House Staff

Robert Wringham is a writer and performer and is the editor-in-chief of New Escapologist. He writes books and has his own humorous blog here.

Tim Eyre is New Escapologist‘s chief typographer, largely responsible for the unique look of our publications. Tim lives in London, is the developer of a unique Japanese Kanji font and occasionally discusses his typographic techniques in academic publications and conferences. Tim is an epic traveler, often writing about travel in New Escapologist and in his self-published travelogues.

Reggie Chamberlain-King is a Belfast-based writer, broadcaster and Musiphilosoph. He is creative director of the Wireless Mystery Theatre and works frequently with Martin White’s Mystery Fax Machine Orchestra.

Samara Leibner is an artist from Montreal and is New Escapologist‘s arts editor. She runs a web comic called Atronaut and is responsible for the unconventional colouring book, Shanti’s Book of Panties. She helps to create gigantic black and white artworks with the Montreal art cooperative, EN MASSE.

Neil Scott is a Glasgow-based designer and New Escapologist’s Eudaemonology editor. He has designed websites for the Idler, New Escapologist, Sarah Nixey, Luke Haines and others. As a writer, he has worked for Time Out travel guides and initiated the acclaimed magazine, the Mind’s Construction Quarterly

Drew Gagne is an escaped man and our chief leisure officer, sometimes blogging at the site as Lentus Ambulando.


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