Help Us Out

Death to Advertising!

New Escapologist is not a money-printing machine. The only thing we print at present is an attractive and thought-provoking magazine.

We would, however, like to have the financial clout to:

– pay our contributors more frequently;
– plan more events than we currently do; and
– set up a small, related books imprint.

We would also like to achieve these things without selling advertising space in either the magazine or at the website. With this in mind, we quietly solicit your support:

Ways to help us for free

1. Recommend New Escapologist to a friend.
2. Add us to your feed reader.
3. Link to us at your website or blog.
4. Mention us on forums, mailing lists and guest books, or on Twitter and Facebook.
5. If you run a magazine, website or newsletter and would like to run a feature on New Escapologist, contact our microscopic press office.

Ways to help us financially or materially

1. Subscribe to the magazine or buy a single issue.
2. Make a one-off donation. Unless requested otherwise, we print the names of donors in future issues.
3. Provide a free or low-cost venue for one of our events. Get in touch.