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As an experiment, I’ve made New Escapologist Issue 5 exclusively available from our printers,

blankBohemias. The Bohemias Issue celebrates the artists and eccentrics of history who have chosen to live as Bohemians, plus lots of practical articles on how to live the Bohemian life. Featuring writing on beards, entropy, rambling, bedsits, Quentin Crisp, garrets, Buddhism, digital work ethics, Erik Satie, Emperor Norton, Bohemian love, and more. Includes a special interview with Alain de Botton. 106 pages. £6 / €7.80 / US$10 / C$10

Support independent publishing: Buy New Escapologist on Lulu.

Normally, when you order a copy, it is shipped from New Escapologist HQ. In other words: I personally receive the order from PayPal, package your copy and stand in line at the post office to send it. I quite enjoy this process and am proud to be so involved, but as New Escapologist increases in popularity it’s getting to be a bit much. It’s also tricky to find volunteers to take care of everything when I’m away. So let’s give the alternative a try, eh?

There are significant advantages for you too:

– You can enjoy the benefits of Lulu special offers (in fact, you can get 20% off right now);
– You can enjoy a discount if you want to buy multiple copies;
– Readers outside the UK will enjoy cheaper shipping rates;
– Your order will arrive in higher quality packaging than we can afford in-house;
– Your order is less likely to be lost in the post, coming from Lulu rather than a parochial post office;
– Lulu have an excellent customer services department and can afford to send you a replacement copy if yours gets lost in the post.

The new process doesn’t require you to learn anything special. It’s just like buying a book on Amazon. Let me know if you have any complaints about this new method. We can always go back.

For now, Issues 1-4 are still available in the usual way (because I’ve got a hundred of each sitting in my living room). But if the experiment with Issue 5 is a success and people are happy with ordering from Lulu, we’ll make all of our issues available there.

To get things going, why not take advantage of the current 20% discount coupon? It’s valid until August 14th. Type SINKUK at checkout*.

*I’ve just realised that this coupon code is a UK-only offer. See for discounts where you are.


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

3 Responses to “Buy New Escapologist direct from the printer”

  1. Matt says:

    Just to say I ordered my copy from Lulu on the day you published this post, and it arrived today. Very prompt service, and in perfect condition. So if you’re looking for feedback I give it a thumbs up.

    Looking forward to my bus home so I can give it a good read!



  2. That is excellent news, Matt. Special thanks for telling me about it.

    Did you have to register to join Lulu? If so, I hope it was a painless process. Was the shipping a reasonable price?


  3. Oop. I see you’ve messaged me on Twitter. Cheers. Let’s talk through Twitter instead of here.

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