Modernist - 145

A prospective reader asks:

Is New Escapologist a Modernist publication?

Ah! In as much as Modernism is a reaction against the Victorian penchant for clutter and decoration and empire, I suppose we are.

We favour a lean, simple, fine-tuned good life.

But we kept some of the 19th-Century ideas about manners, action, and comfort. It’s in our DNA.

I suppose New Escapologist takes influences from all over the spectrum: from the ancient world, the medieval, the Victorian and the present-day.

We’re a philosophical and aesthetic mash-up. Does this make us postmodern? Post-postmodern? I don’t know.

Simon Munnery: “Don’t worry about being modern. It’s the one thing you can’t avoid.”

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2 Responses to “Modernist”

  1. I just found your blog, and love it! Added to the list of writers / thinkers who espouse anti-consumerism is Thoreau.

  2. Oh yes, we talk about Thoreau a lot. He’s one of our patron saints! That’s a nice looking link though. Reading it now. Thanks very much.

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