An Escapologist’s Diary. Part 34.


I’m about to break my own first rule of blogging and apologise for the hiatus in my posting for a while.

(Why apologise? You owe nothing. No vows of regularity were promised. Nobody loses money. Maybe the world is even better off without your usual twopence worth!)

But it’s been two weeks: it’s all I can do not to fall to the floor and initiate a full-blown grovel-a-thon.

I feel guilty. Especially as there are so many new readers since my recent blossover with the prolific Mr Money Mustache. Why, they must be baffled, kicking at the dust in this blogless void, shrugging at each other and saying, “The mustachioed one is usually right about these things! We’ll wait a while longer.”

Do not worry. Godot arrives after all and the hiatus can be explained with ease. My companion and I have been travelling. Specifically, we made a two-week journey across Canada by train.

It was beautiful! We saw the Rocky Mountains; paddled in the Athabaska River; photographed an elk and a grizzly bear; went for a ride in a cable car; visited some old X-Files shooting locations; met the thoughtful David Caine of Raptitude; went hiking and generally saw sights. More than anything, we were humbled by the stupendous scale of this humongous country.

But this isn’t a travel blog, my good friends. I won’t bore you with the slideshow. (Though if you’re into that, please go ahead and enjoy the slideshow).

Travel by train is a most Escapological way to go. The journey is more leisurely, more fun, more scenic, more communal, more impressively gentle than air flight. You’re more likely to clap your eyes on a grazing moose and less likely to end up with chapped lips and a migraine. Want to escape the strong force? Try the train.

Some of you are likely wondering where the upcoming Issue Nine of New Escapologist has got to. We’re still working on it! Despite travel, we have not taken our eyes off it for a moment. We’re trying to fulfill our promise of an August release, but we may run a week or so late. Time to close this diary entry in precisely the same way it opened: “Sorry”.

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2 Responses to “An Escapologist’s Diary. Part 34.”

  1. Spoonman says:

    Travel by train is definitely the way to go. Air travel is barbaric by comparison. It sounds like you guys had an awesome time. I very much look forward to flipping through the photos.

  2. Glad you agree, Spoonman. We really had a fine and leisurely time of it. Luxurious by comparison too: we travelling in economy (third-) class and the arrangement was finer than first-class in the air. What you lose in speed, you gain in so many other areas.

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