Non-Economic Purposes

If there is a message to our upcoming ninth issue — subtitled Take the Money and Run — it’s this:

The challenge for developed countries such as Britain is not to keep on raising production, whatever the cost. As Keynes wrote in 1930, perhaps its time to “devote our further energies to non-economic purposes” and take a look at that broader list of poverties. In particular, what synergistic satisfiers can we identify that will raise our ‘wealth’ across several needs? Because a society that is getting ever richer on paper, but lonelier, busier and more disconnected in the process, might not be so wealthy after all.

This comes from Make Wealth History, an excellent blog about sustainable development. Worth following.

Its author Jeremy Williams has allowed us to reprint one of his earlier essays in Issue Nine. We rarely print anything that has been published elsewhere first (Edward Lear’s poetry in Issue Two and Graham Fulton’s poetry in Issue Six are the only examples that come to mind) but this is a really good essay that I think our readers will appreciate.

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