Make seed bombs

I’m excited by the idea of seed bombs.

I first learned about seed bombing at a protest on a local Tesco development site. In that instance, protesters made use of the seeds of unmanageable plants that could cause monkey business for developers. I prefer the idea of sewing wild flower seeds on urban scrub.

Personally, I’ll be using foxglove seeds. Past experience tells me that they are more likely to take to hard urban soil than many other wild flower seeds. Also, bees love foxgloves and my main impetus for this whole thing is a desire to help out urban beekeepers.

Seed bombs are remarkably easy to make. Here’s a video tutorial.


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2 Responses to “Make seed bombs”

  1. Silver Ether says:

    Great article …I can vouch for Foxgloves myself. Bombs away.

  2. Beverley says:

    A word of caution – guerilla gardening may cause damage to local ecosystems if inappropriate seeds/ plants are used.

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