New Escapologist Issue Eight out now!

Just completed before the year is out! Available, as usual, in print and PDF at the shop.

This issue features a very special interview with Dice Man author Luke Rhinehart.


Subscriber and pre-order copies will be shipped this week.


Robert Wringham is the editor of New Escapologist. He also writes books and articles. Read more at

2 Responses to “New Escapologist Issue Eight out now!”

  1. Drew says:

    Not sure whether I should buy this. After reading the first seven issues, I am now obsessed with formulating a plan to end my (shamefully overpaid, easy, benefit-laden) employment situation by the end of this year. Out of sheer laziness, really, and the desire to sit around in my underwear all day contemplating the merits of personal hygiene.

    What’s worse, the back issues that I bought for my brother-in-law (The German) have caused him to become “radicalized” (in the words of his wife). He quit his job in health care, has enrolled in a “wild game butchery” course, and is going to become a hunter…not a word of a lie.

    Damn you, New Escapologist! You’re tearing to shreds the fabric of modern society!

  2. Haha. One hell of an endorsement. Thanks Drew. Glad it’s inspiring you.

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